The EPA has approved fully online RRP Refresher Courses! You can now take the class completely online. This makes the class much more convenient!    


RRP Online Only Refresher Approved by EPA  


As of February 17, 2016 the EPA completed changes to the Lead-based Paint Program.  The Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) Refresher Course, will no longer require a hands on component and can be completed 100% online.  Renovators who take the online training will be certified for three years, while renovators who take the class live, with hands-on training will be certified for five years.




Keeps your RRP Lead Safe Renovator Certificate from expiring.
- For Certified Renovators, you must re-certify before 5 years pass.  If allowed to expire you will have to take an 8-hour course to regain your certification.


It’s Convenient
- Take the class in the comfort of your own home. 

- May start and stop as you wish.

Saves you time and money
- Train without losing production time.  Cost is just $99, less than the classroom version.




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Lead Paint RRP Refresher Courses -Live, with hands-on component

Certificate good for 5 years.

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