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Michigan Builders License Renewal Classes - Continuing Competency

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All of our courses cover a new EASIER way to renew your license!
To take our Online Course, click this button:

We are able to complete your online license renewal for you.
We charge $30 for the service.
Call 810-329-4013 between 9 am and 4:30 pm

No In-Person classes in 2024
Online, by mail, and ZOOM Classes are available 

By Mail Classes
NOT available until MAY 1
Book or DVD
take at your convenience

Even if your renewal deadline of May 31 has passed, you can still take the course at home and renew your license. 

To take our Online Course, click this button:

Our 2024
3 Hour Continuing Competency Course
is now on ZOOM too!

The ZOOM classes will be scheduled, online in real time with a live instructor and no more than 10 students!
You can ask questions, complain, etc. just like in a real class!
You can take part on a computer, tablet or phone.
After registering, you will receive a link by email to join the class. 

ZOOM class schedule:

                                                                                 Monday May 13  9 am - noon                                                                                             
Click below to register now!

Get the 3 hour Continuing Competency Course that is required now.
You can take the class in-person, online, by ZOOM or by mail. We have both DVD and Book Courses available by mail. These are very easy! If you order by 4 pm, they will be mailed the same day, probably arriving 2 days later. 

Take the Course at home

and do it at your convenience!

Get the course by ZOOM,  Book or the DVD here:

After choosing a class, you can pay with a credit card. In the shopping cart, click the  "Check out" button.
If you want a copy of the current code book,
"Michigan Residential Code 2015",
(  Still in Effect )
you can order it below for $185 and have it mailed to you.

More about the Michigan 3 Hour Continuing Competency Classes:

The deadline for Michigan Builder License Renewal is May 31.

Most licenses needed to be renewed in 2020.

Some need renewal in 2021 and some in 2022.

To find the Expiration date of your license,

check your license.


If you miss the May 31 deadline, 

You can still take the class and renew your license.

From May 31 to July 28 there is a $20 late fee.

After July 29, you will need to "re-license" because your license has lapsed.

Since 2011, before renewing our licenses, all Michigan licensed residential builders have been required to take a 3 hour "Continuing Competency" course covering changes to Law, Safety & Code.


Contractors licensed after Jan. 1, 2009  are required to take an additional 18 hours of construction related courses during each of their first two licensing cycles (of 3 years each). After two cycles, they are only required to take the 3 hour, Law, Safety and Code Course during each renewal cycle.

Our Lead Paint (RRP) Initial Course provides 8 hours of those credits.

Our Lead Paint (RRP) Refresher Course provides 4 hours of those credits.

This allows you to "double dip" and get twice the benefit for your money. Another good option is to use the MIOSHA Training Institute. They offer classes all over the state. They offer classes in different subject areas, so that you can take classes specific to your specialty. For example, an excavation contractor can take classes regarding excavation safety that would be meaningless to a roofing contractor.











We make it easy for you to get the training you need!

Our 3 hour license renewal class is offered Live, online, and by mail.

Choose the method that works best for you!

We GUARANTEE that you will pass!

Nearly everyone passes the first time, but if not, you may take any course over for free.

We currently offer:

Michigan Builders License Renewal

(3 Hour Continuing Competency) Classes 

By Mail (as a book or DVD)


To renew your license in 2024, LARA has another  "New and Improved",  process. You need to start an "ACCELA" account with the state. You can do that now. 

Click this button:




After creating an ACCELA acount, and taking the 3 hour course, you can renew your license before it expires.  

The licensing bureau's help line is:  517-241-9316

As a service, we are willing to go through this process for you. The ACCELA system is NOT very user-friendly! If you want us to renew your license for you,

call 810-329-4013

There is a $35 charge for this service.


After May 31, there is a $20 late fee that is automatically added to your $150 renewal fee. If you leave your license "lapsed" for  more than 60 days, you need to apply for "Relicensure", entailing further fees.

Scroll down to register for our "By Mail" Classes.




When you choose our Online or Home Study (by mail) classes, you may start and finish them anytime. 

3 Hour DVD

Correspondence Course


With this course, you will recieve (by U.S. Mail) a DVD and a copy of the open book test. After watching the video, on a regular DVD player or your computer, simply take the test, and mail it back to us. We will grade it and send your certificate. The DVD is yours, and contains a number of resoureces, and places to get further information.


This course is excellent for those who want to watch a live class, but in the comfort of their own home!

3 Hour Book

Correspondence Course


With this course, you will recieve (by U.S. Mail) a class book and a copy of the open book test. After reading the text, simply take the test, and mail it back to us. We will grade it and send your certificate. The book is yours, and contains a number of resoureces, and places to get further information.


This course is excellent (and easy) for those who like to have a hard copy in their hands and work at their own pace.

3 Hour class

 Live, in Classroom 

Not currently available


With this course, you attend a live class, in a classroom setting, with a real teacher. There will be live demonstrations of safety equipment, and plenty of time for questions and discussiion. Most contractors have a wealth of information on certain topics, and we can all learn from each other.


There is no test for this course.


This course is ideal for those who prefer to learn by listening, and discussing.

Register with friends and save!

If two or more register together, you each get $10 off the cost of your class. If registering by phone, or by mail, you can simply deduct the $10 from each registration fee. 



Here are some books and other supplies that you might need to document compliance. Shipping is included in all prices.

If you need a copy of one of your certifcates,  you can pay for it here. It will go out within 2 business days. If you need it quicker than that, give us a call and we will rush it.

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