Michigan Builders License Renewal Classes - Continuing Competency

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Even if your renewal deadline of May 31 has passed, you can still take the course at home and renew your license. 

To take our Online Course, click this button:

Our 2022
3 Hour Continuing Competency Course
is now on ZOOM too!
This course contains a brand new section on COVID requirements for workplace safety from MIOSHA

The ZOOM classes will be scheduled, online in real time with a live instructor and no more than 10 students!
You can ask questions, complain, etc. just like in a real class!
You can take part on a computer, tablet or phone.
After registering, you will receive a link to join the class by email.

ZOOM class schedule:

Friday Feb. 25 9:00- noon                                                                                                       
Wed. March 23   5-8 pm                                                                                                            
Friday, April 22   9:00-noon                                                                                                     

Wed. May 18   9-noon                                 Click below to register now!

Get the 3 hour Continuing Competency Course that is required now.
You can take the class online, by ZOOM or by mail. We have both DVD and Book Courses available by mail. These are very easy! If you order by 4 pm, they will be mailed the same day, probably arriving 2 days later. 

Take the Course at home

and do it at your convenience!

Get the course by ZOOM,  Book or the DVD here: